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Yoga is a way of life and teaches how to be present in everything. The only way to choose the path of life ‘Yoga”, is to have a guru who can drive you in that direction. Only the knowledge that he shares alone keep up berry and if you are one who is interested to plunge in to the pool of Yoga and practice it according to the directions given by the guru step in to Ashtanga Yoga Ashram Mysore.

Ashtanga yoga teacher Training in Mysore, India and mysore hatha yoga teachers training made Ashtanga Yoga Ashram Mysore school top yoga studio in the world map based on  ashtanga vinyasa yoga – mysore style and hatha yoga training

Ashtanga Yoga Ashram Mysore is the Top one yoga institute offering many additional yoga courses like yoga Massage training, yoga therapy training, Chakra yoga training, acro yoga , Yin yoga and regular yoga classes on many yoga styles under one Ashram to understand deep yogic Techniques and devotional practice.

Our courses are suitable at all levels of Yoga practioners or explore various skills to attain perfection in what you are carving for. The courses offered by us will rekindle your passion and zeal towards the field of yoga and in meantime help you better understand the concepts and principles of Yoga besides helping you to perfect your body, mind , soul and spirituality.
Our courses offer you the best in-house training based on the basics of Ashtanga Yoga giving you a chance to explore all 71 asanas with its principles, various and explanation of its benefits and risks.
Besides helping you to practice intermediate series and its high leel in Ashtanga Yoga, you could learn the adjustments and various during the course period and we encourage students to ask questions and gives personal attention and assistance.
During the course period you would get a chance to study yoga Alignment , different school of meditation and learn basics of Yoga Anatomy and Sanskrit . If you are looking for an accommodation with food facility we are ready to assist you and provide the best hospitality and comfortable stay during the course.


A decade of experience in Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Ashram Mysore is a seven-year-old premier Yoga Ashram in Mysore which offer quality teaching training courses in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga at the Ashtanga yoga capital — Mysore . From offering short-term yoga courses to customized that fits in to your needs, we offer the best courses that gives you an opportunity to strengthen your yoga skills and Teaching Techniques besides deeping you practice and garner more understanding of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or Hatha Yoga.


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